Best Online Job Search Techniques

Back in the day we would get up in the morning and get the local newspaper and have a look at the classified ads to see what jobs were advertised. These days have gone and there are so many other ways to search for work now. The days of the walking the street and submitting resumes in all the shops are not as successful as they used to be. Now, with the internet and social media, looking for work has changed so much. Best online job search techniques are very easy to navigate. You can discover so much online. Social media is also great tool for searching for employment. Some companies have been known to advertise on their Facebook page. Something that seems quite strange to the older generation, but to the younger generation this seems quite normal. Almost 70% of people that you ask have Facebook and about 80% have heard of it.

Many companies will only accept job applications if they are submitted online now. You can also go into some of the job sites like Simply Hired and Monster and save your preferences. That way if a position comes up that you have supplied details for, you get an email. So instead of checking the classifieds daily, you would check your email box. If you set up a profile and set up automatic alerts, if your dream job comes up, you are alerted and you can apply straight away.

Here are some tips for best online job search techniques.

Best online job search techniques – Create an online profile. For your profile to be great and to shine to prospective employers you need to put some thought into your profile. Be sure to complete as many questions on your profile. Make it appealing. Add a photo, an up to date photo and definitely not one taken 10 years ago. Be sure to detail your education, any training you have had and your employment history. Even put down any volunteer work, this shows prospective employers that you are willing to put your time into helping people. This shows that you are a team player. Then go over your profile. Does it read well? Does it make you sound employable? Would you employ this person if you were reading this? If you don’t think that you would, go over it again. Another tip to remember – when you type up your profile, use keywords. If you use keywords that match the job you are applying for this helps if a company has recruiters who search for matching candidates. Make sure that you profile is always up to date.

Best online job search techniques – Uploading your resume. Even before you sit down and the computer and start tapping away, jot down some information. Typing up a resume is not as simple as writing everything you have done over the last 5 years. A resume that is submitted is more likely to be selected out of 20 others if it isn’t 10 pages long. It is also a good idea to make it look appealing. A manager who is going over resumes to pick the selected few for an interview is more likely to put aside a resume that is appealing to the eye. Before sending off your resume, do your research. Make sure that you read the job description. A tip that employers look for is if the job description says – The position requires telephone sales, then you may want to put exactly that in your resume. If a business has email filters, this will surely get it into their inbox.

Best online job search techniques – Setting your job search to automatic. Some of the best online job search techniques use this. Most people lead busy lives and do not have the time to be sitting on the internet waiting for their dream job. Having auto alerts set up means that you can periodically check online or in some cases your mobile phone (which most people have the internet on now days) will alert you if a job comes up with your key search words. Make sure when you set this up, you are specific with your wording. For example you may want an office job. If you only have office job as your search words, you will get alerts for juniors, traineeships, part-time, full-time. Your search should be specific as to whether a senior or junior position, whether you have training, the area you are wanting to work – zip code.

This narrows down the search but gives you a better chance of landing the position that you have the experience in and in the area that you live.

Final notes

Your ultimate goal is to land the job you want. If you have a profile and successfully navigate the job sites, using your search words you should be able to find jobs suited to you. Be thorough and if you like a position, even before you apply for the position, do an online search of the business.